Sushi Nakazawa

This is my third time going to Sushi Nakazawa so that shows how much I love this place. Now that NYC has opened up indoor dining, I immediately booked a reservation for this restaurant. The following is the first set of nigiris that were all tender and delicious.

I also got the 3 types of uni:

Japan, California, and Maine Uni

My favorite is.. all of them. I can never say no to uni and none of them have that typical chemical taste you get when you buy from the grocery store. I know I know, you can’t compare grocery store uni with this.

Here is the rest of the nigiri omakase set:

To finish the night, there was tofu creme brulee and the classic egg custard:

How would I describe the whole experience? Definitely worth going back to as another special occasion! Is it worth the bar experience versus the dining experience? That, I am not too sure. I enjoy watching the sushi chefs making the food and I always sit at the bar every time I come. Since I’ve never sat at the dining room, I can’t really comment. If you enjoy watching your food being made, it’s worth the extra 20 dollars!