Dear Maud | Hoboken, NJ

Dear Maud used to be a college bar called ‘The Inn’ and before that.. I don’t even know. There was definitely a period of time where it was shut down before it became Dear Maud. Based on the amount of people that are coming here now, it seems to have made a turn around.

The food was on point surprisingly for a place with baos, ceviches, burratas, salads, and.. sandwiches? It’s a decent mix of variety which is great for munching away.

I’m a big fan of spicy tequila and mezcal so A+ on the drinks.

Would I go back? Probably if I’m looking for a chill place with friends for brunch or dinner. It gets packed so show up with reservations!

Dear Maud
  • Food
  • Service
  • Drinks


Irish flare of variety of foods where in my opinion, is more closer to new American which brings in a good brunchy crowd.

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