East Caribbean Cruise – Westerdam

Guess what? It’s impossible to starve on a cruise. In fact, you are guarantee to gain weight on one. You can be the pickiest eater and you will still find something you like. Since this was my first cruise, I may have overdone it. Just a tiny bit.

All the photos except for one are from the dining room. I didn’t take much from the buffet because I was busy stuffing myself with food. At least at the dining room, there was some time between plates to be *that* diner clicking away at their dinner.

Dining room: More of a real restaurant style service. You have two waiters in your section and they provide you with a menu with a few selections for appetizer, main meal, and dessert. Some people even ordered more than one type of dish per section. I guess it’s part of the whole ‘all you can eat’ concept on the ship.

Buffet: Basically food all the time. The particular ship I was on had two sides that is the same type of food to make the lines shorter. The salad bar was available just about all the time and other foods include pasta, various american style dinner food, and asian stir fry as well. Breakfast was nice too since they make waffles on the fly and pretty awesome omelettes.

If you were craving for a burger, there was a fast food style counter towards the pool where you can get fries, burgers and hot dogs.

I didn’t pay extra to eat at any of the fancier restaurants (there was at least two on this particular ship) because there wasn’t anything they were offering that I couldn’t get in NY. Plus, you have to dress up.. or something. But shorts are so comfy!

Even though the main courses was good for a cruise, the desserts were a bit lackluster. They looked great in presentation but taste wise, there were room for improvement.

I definitely miss ice cream after every meal though..

View from the Back of the Westerdam